The Jonny Quest Mailbag!

- updated August 28, 2011 -

Let me preface this barrage of good tidings by stating up front that I am not worthy of such praise. My skills as an animator are mediocre, at best. But to the degree that this project has warmed the kid in all of us, I feel honored by its seemingly universal acceptance in a time when cynical indifference seems to be the order of the day. Brandi and I thank you all for your kind letters.

Roger Evans


roger, you stud!!!!

here i am, working late on a saturday and about to hang myself and you gift me with your coolness!!  second wind, here i come!

i've totally enjoyed your process and so glad you finally gave birth after two years of labor!!

cheers!!  I'll make sure all my friends in animation see this!!!

yer pal,

jordan reichek

OUTSTANDING job man!!!!!!!!!

Rick Ratto

Freakin awesome!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh. My. God. My Kids and I have been following the progress of your work and loving it. I cannot wait to show this to them when they wake up. Kudos and congratulations for your work…it is stunning. It does justice to one of the best animated cartoons of all time.

Thanks to you and Brandi once again!

Eric Jasso

THAT was #@%&*# awesome.  Absolutely one of the coolest things I have ever seen.  I have that sequence memorized and your attention to detail was phenomenal.  The finished project literally gave me goosebumps as I dreamed of happy childhood days.  Thank you Roger.  I have enjoyed your updates, and the final product was better than I had even imagined.  I salute you sir.

Keith Filewicz


In a word, awesome!  Somehow the sum became much more than the total of its parts.  Great job on every part of your laborious endeavor.

Terry J. Field
Field Films
18 Delafield Drive
Albany, NY 12205

WOE !!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! Looks great!! I'd be lying if I said I wasn't watching it over and over!! Take a well deserved rest. Next thing you know, you'll do an entire eposode!!

~your friend Gary K

Hey Roger!


Good for you.  It looks fantastic.  Thanks for sharing it with everyone.  Amazing.

Steve Schnier
Vujade Entertainment Inc.

Well Done!

Lance Falk

    Congratulations- it looks great!  Nothing like seeing a labor of love come to life.  Now, if you are anything like I think you are, you'll sit back, think "Man, I'm glad that's over"  and almost immediately think, "I wonder how hard it would be to do the whole lizard man episode?"

Again, I'm blown away by your effort.  Good luck and thanks for keeping a part of youth alive.

Mike Sanders

Now that I am back at my broadband I can definitely say:


Freeman Williams (aka Dr. FreeX)

Attack of the 50 Foot DVD!
Yes, I Know
Wretched Refuse
The Bad Movie Report

Wow! Very impressive! Thank you for all the blood,sweat and tears you and Brandi and everyone else involved put into this project.As a lifelong fan of the series,and a fellow JQ addict,this is amazing!I too have always dreamed of a line of figures faithful to this series.Since there has never been a decent one,thank you for sharing a little bit of your childhood dream with the rest of us dreamers.

Sincerely, Joe Daily

Hey Roger,

I just saw your completed Jonny Quest Opening, and ... wow ... WOW!!! Just incredible. As a fan of Jonny Quest, stop-motion animation, and of people harnessing their creativity to pay respect to the things that inspire them, I had to write to you and doff my metaphorical hat to you. I had kept up with the project through your website, watching as you and Brandi struggled to bring your vision to life. As a full-time illustrator who has occasionally dabbled in animation for "fun," I can totally appreciate the time, talent, frustration and pure love that goes into something like this. I hope the final result has brought you joy ... though I suspect you have that post-project wistfulness that always accompanies the completion of such a monumental undertaking. But just as "Jonny Quest" continues to bring joy to new generations of fans, I'm sure your homage will bring joy to people for years to come as well. Congratulations on getting it done! You have inspired me, sir!

BTW, if my name seems familiar, I'm the "Scott B." who weighed in on the tank controversy on the JQ Classic website about a year ago, suggesting that the one in the original show was an M41 Walker Bulldog. I'm glad you kept the Patton -- it's THE tank of that era!

Anyway, well done. I hope you and Brandi and your other contributors celebrated its premiere in style.

All the best,
Scott Brooks

Let's be clear here, this is not just about creating a project for film that is the usual fare about one's own creation... this is fandom and the pursuit of keeping a dream alive. For me, that gains extra high marks. Earlier this very evening, I was looking into finding copies of fan-produced music from Star Trek conventions circa 1979 because I knew a member of a famous (in Trek con circles) band called 'Omicron Ceti III'. Those were people who's life's devotion was about celebrating and giving to new audiences, something that gave new life to a show with millions of devoted fans. What you've created here is an homage and a spectacularly done one at that! I find myself struggling to put into brief words, the importance of reliving and adding a new dimension too something (a show) that you fall in love with. The characters and situations of our favorite shows take on a place in our own lives. This is the greatest reason why I appreciate channels like Nickelodeon, which bring shows like The Munsters, Gilligan's Island, Bewitched and many more into the eyes and ears of generations who grew up with them and generations to whom they are new.Like Star Trek, Jonny Quest is an icon, a sterling series which may have pre-dated Indiana Jones but, certainly inspired Indy's creators with that sense of classic action and adventure that affects us and becomes a permanent part of our lives.You've done a magnificent job of this, which deserves more honors than I am able to bestow. You've restored and given new life to a classic in a way which honors the original, without any desire to  improve upon it, surpass it or replace it. My hat is off to you sir, and now your work has become part of that Jonny Quest legend for me... Thank You.

Ron Cole

Holy Crap! Awesome job, man. I have enjoyed watching the progress and the behind-the-scenes since you started. AMAZING work. Now take a two-month vacay -- you deserve it!

Charles Doran

Hello Roger,

I came across a link to your site via this thread on OSW.  I'm not a video professional but I think your work is outstanding...... Kudos again to your work. I greatly enjoyed watching it over and over.

Peter Go

Hi Roger,

I LOVED what you did with the stop motion!  I used to work in stop motion on a show called, "Celebrity Deathmatch", so I have a warm spot for it in my heart.  I am also huge fan of Jonny Quest and so your piece was just thrilling for me to see.  I keep hoping that someday, SOMEONE with a lick of sense will do a live action Jonny Quest movie SET IN THE 60s!  I think it could be elegant and exciting.  (Maybe we should make it!)  Until then, I will continue to replay your opening ad infinitum.  Thanks for sharing your project with the web!

Bill Moore

I love your Jonny Quest  stop motion opening!

Lee Romaire


Whoo hoo!  A very, VERY good job!

I've been following your progress for longer than I care to admit.  I often would check your site DAILY, hoping for another update.

The long wait was well worth it.  The finished product looks absolutely FANTASTIC!  I can't stop watching it, or admiring it.

Your movie will give incentive to countless others to continue to work on their own projects, not only in stop animation film making, but whatever might interest them.

Good luck and have fun with all of your future endeavors!

Edward D. Collins
Southern California


Just wanted to drop a note and say the Jonny Quest intro is  amazing!!  I watched the entire video over and over trying to  decide if I was watching stop motion or CGI.  Thank you for all the behind the scenes pictures and info.

Again, brilliant animation and fantastic models.  Great job!!

Andrew Covalt


I am so pleased that you let us look in on the process as you were creating this wonderful tribute.  As a fellow fan, I can highly recommend your "vision" to any and all.  You obviously "got it" - the essence of Jonny and the gang is here in full stop-motion view.  Simply awesome!  Please add me to what I am sure is an ever-growing list of fans and folks wanting to just say "Thanks" for bringing Jonny Quest back to life!

Lyle Blosser,

It's a masterpiece. It will not go unnoticed. Spectacular!

Hal Payne, PM Solutions

That film is freakin' awesome! I would love to see the show relaunched in that style, but I doubt it will ever happen. Stellar work! You've got me wanting Jonny Quest toys even more now. And I guess I need to pull out my DVD set and watch some JQ. You've re-lit the fire!

- Doc

Hi Roger,

Love your recently completed re-imagining of the the Jonny Quest opening titles. Absolutely stunning, amazing, work.

Kind regards,

Ian Albinson / Editor-in-chief / Art of the Title

Fantastic work! I didn't want to ask this in the forums at classic JQ, is there any way to get  copy of this on DVD? Can I pay you for labor, materials? I hate to see this disappear down the road and not have it to watch or show my kids & grand kids, yes I have 3 grand kids. Thay all know Jonny Quest!

Anyway thank you so much for your hard work on this. It is fantastic!


Barry Beeler

Roger (and team) -

Brilliant! Thank you!

- Allen Pinney

Hi Roger

I just spent the last two hours looking and reading how yourself and Brandi made the opening credits for JQ. I grew up watching the show when I was a kid and totally enjoyed watching it, I enjoyed even more how you both gave the opening credits life by giving it the stopmotion treatment.

Being a huge 1/6 customizerand diorama builder I was thrilled to see the sets in this scale and the amount of detail that was done in the sets.  I just wanted to say thanks to both of you for the great inspiration.

Kind Regards

Ron Hembling

More to come........