Hello! My name is Roger Evans and welcome to my Jonny Quest Fan Site.

In 1964, a cartoon show premiered during prime time that would forever change my view of the future. Jonny Quest represented everything a 6 year old boy could possibly imagine. It had action, adventure and exotic locations, all tied together with some of the MOST awesome Hoyt Curtin jazz music ever broadcast on television. As a wide-eyed youth, I looked forward to the day when flying on jet belts would be as casual as riding my bike. But an odd thing happened to this wonderful show. It was canceled after only one season. It was simply too expensive to produce. The Hanna-Barbera artists were accustomed to producing rubbery, squash and stretch animals and goofy humans. The hyper-realistic pen and ink character designs of series creator Doug Wildey proved to be too much of a task to maintain on a weekly basis. Thus, Jonny Quest was a "successful failure" but lived on in reruns and syndication as Saturday morning fare.

But there was another loss, obvious only to kids like me that spent the long, LONG seven days between broadcasts reinacting every scene in every episode using the nearest G.I Joe or Caption Action as a pitiful substitute for Race, Jonny or the others. Sometimes, necessity would require Major Matt Mason to stand-in, despite his puny, sub-1/6th scale stature. Why? Because despite its huge popularity, Jonny Quest was not on the air long enough to spawn a line of action figures. And if you were a kid of the 60's, you HAD to have an action figure from your favorite show. A company called Marx used to make all kinds of television related figures for shows in the 60's like The Rat Patrol, Daniel Boone, etc. It was always my dream to have a full set of Jonny Quest action figures and, if you're familiar with the show, then you know why. If not, I'm sorry but I can't explain it. But fellow JQ addicts understand exactly what I'm talking about. :)


Anyway, as time went by, I spent my adult years working as an artist, writer and film maker. It always seemed to me that a stop motion version of the opening titles would be killer and that, IF there had been a line of action figures, then that would be the obvious thing to use to live out my childhood dream.
So..... Almost 50 years later, that's exactly what I've done.

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